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Step 1: R1 Cooling Gel

Provides immediate relief: cools the skin, helps relieve discomfort and irritation, soothes burns and provides intense hydration. It contains a milk-based protein that benefits the skin’s appearance by making it feel smooth and soft. Encourages the skin’s natural defense system to help resist damaging skin effects that occur.

  • Fragrance-Free
  • PH Balanced
  • Oil Free

After skin and tissue have been irradiated, the destroyed cells release oxygen radicals that harm healthy cells and create substances that raise the temperature of the skin and tissue. This results in the onset of skin and tissue damage.

How It Works
R1 Cooling Gel is a water-based gel designed to quickly draw the heat out of a radiation burn by acting as a heat exchanger. Heat energy is spread over the whole gel surface because the material conforms to the uneven burn surface. At the outer surface of the gel, the heat is released by transfer into the air.

Use immediately after treatment. Apply a generous layer to the affected or treatment area daily. Do not rub into skin. The gel is most effective when applied in a thick layer and allowed to remain in contact with the skin for a minimum of 20 minutes. A slight tingling may occur. Any residue may be gently removed.